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What will you get with your subscription.
  • Unlimited number of I Ching inquires within the term of your subscription, i.e. - from one day to one year as per your choice.
  • Maximum available in this portal, expert level self-served divination:
    • All-inclusive advanced set of 25+ powerful hexagram casting techniques, based on Yarrow Stalks, Coins, Dices and Cards. Includes our original, new casting technique groups not discussed before.
    • Fully supported Mei Hua (Plum Tree Oracle) and Na Jia Alternative Divination Techniques.
    • Monogram-, digram- and trigram transformation orbits. Compare this to the limited, monogram-based-only transformations offered by other sites.
    • Hexagram Reading Cards with maximum level details offered for each hexagram in your casting. Visit this web page for more details.
    • All-inclusive approach with cummulative advanced interpretation of progressed hexagrams with Yang-Transformed, Yin-Transformed and Anti-Hexagarm concepts working together to create a rich panoramic 360° view on your change situation.
  • Saving and accessing the full history of your inquires, including questions you have asked, casting methods used, casting results with dates-and-times of your casting.
  • Full privacy of your castings - all data are encrypted with bank level encryption technology.
  • We never sell, share or distribute your data to any 3rd party.

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