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I-Ching and Dao De Ching
The idea of changes is fundamental to Chinese philosophy. In one of its most explicit forms this idea can be traced down to Tao Te Ching, chapter 42, which clearly states:
  • Dao gives birth to One.
  • One gives birth to Two.
  • Two gives birth to Three.
  • Three gives birth to all things in the universe.
  • All things carry Yin and embrace Yang. The Yin and Yang work together and their interplay begets the harmony.
In I Ching world this fundamental unity finds its emanation in following picture – Universe (Infinity, Great Void where everything is united) gives birth to One (Tai Chi), One gives birth to Two (Yin-Yang and Digrams), Two give birth to Three (Trigrams), which gives birth to all 64 hexagrams, which “govern” the world.